Pro Sports Caps makes it easy for you to shop for merchandise for your favorite NBA Western Conference Northwest Division basketball team from the list of teams below. It’s never been easier to show your support for the team you love than with Pro Sports Caps!
If you’ve found your favorite team, then you can simply click on the “Shop Now” button. But if you click on an image above, you will be taken to that team page where you will find out some interesting information and fun facts about that team, such as when they came into the league, how many titles they’ve won and what colors they wear. You will also be able to view a large selection of products available for that team. Pro Sports Caps has got you covered!


  1. Paul

    Hi Shawn …

    I was immediately interested in this website when I saw its title !

    My younger has nearly lost his marriage on a few occasions , due to his ” baseball cap ” collection . His silver tongue and their young daughter have managed to save it more than once .

    I like the way you have set-up this site . The wealth of information you provide about the sport also adds to its value .

    Which type of ” sport’s fan ” seems to collect more caps or do you find that most people only purchase caps to support their favorite team ?


    • Shawn Stewart

      Hi Paul,
      I appreciate your comments, thanks! My son has quite the collection of sports caps as well, thankfully he’s not married yet, lol! I know that my son has sports caps from a number of different sports teams, so I guess it just depends on what sports people like.


  2. Matthew

    Go Lions! lol
    I am from Michigan and had to suffer the horrific franchise known as the Detroit Lions since I can remember. Every time you think they have a genuine shot at a meaningful turn for the better, they pull the rug out from under you. Ah, such is the life of a Lions fan.
    Great website btw!


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