Here are some interesting facts about the Los Angeles Rams:

The franchise was founded in 1936 and was originally known as the Cleveland Rams. The franchise moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1946 and became the only National Football League (NFL) championship team to play the following season in another city. The Rams left California and moved to St. Louis, Missouri after the 1994 season and changed their name to the St. Louis Rams. After five seasons in St. Louis, the Rams moved back to Los Angeles for the 2016 season. The Rams franchise has won three NFL championships, and is the only franchise to win championships while representing three different cities (Cleveland in 1945, Los Angeles in 1951, and St. Louis in 1999).

Logo History

The Los Angeles Rams logo has had ten logo variations, including the original design back in 1941 when the team was called the Cleveland Rams. See the different Los Angeles Rams logo designs that they have had over the years.

Team Info

Established: 1936
Conference: NFC West
Home Field: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Team Colors: Blue, Gold and White

los angeles rams colors


Superbowl Championships: 1
League Championships: 3
Conference Championships: 10
Division Championships: 15
Playoff Appearances: 27

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