Here are some interesting facts about the Columbus Blue Jackets:

Unlike many professional teams, the Columbus Blue Jackets have had the same name since they were founded in 2000. They joined the National Hockey League (NHL) as an expansion team. The name and logos for the Columbus Blue Jackets were inspired by Ohio’s Civil War history.

Logo History

The Columbus Blue Jackets logo has had two logo variations, including the original design back in 2000. See the different Columbus Blue Jackets logo designs that they have had over the years.

Team Info

Founded: 2000
Conference: Eastern
Division: Metropolitan
Team Colors: Blue, Red, Silver and White

columbus blue jackets colors


Stanley Cups: 0
Conference Championships: 0
Presidents’ Trophies: 0
Division Championships: 0
Home Arena: Nationwide Arena

columbus blue jackets sports cap

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Go Blue Jackets!