Here are some interesting facts about the Atlanta Hawks:

The franchise was founded in 1946 when they were originally known as the Buffalo Bisons. They played in the National Basketball League (NBL). The team only lasted 38 days in Buffalo and then the team moved to Moline, Illinois, and became known as the Tri-Cities Blackhawks. In 1949, they joined the NBA as part of the merger between the NBL and the Basketball Association of America (BAA). In 1951 the team moved to Milwaukee and changed their name to the Milwaukee Hawks. The team moved again to St. Louis in 1955 and they changed their name to the St. Louis Hawks. In 1968, the team moved to Atlanta and they have been known as the Atlanta Hawks ever since. The Hawks have gone 57 years between winning a championship and this represents the second-longest drought of not winning an NBA championship, after the Sacramento Kings.

Logo History

The Atlanta Hawks logo has had ten logo variations, including the original design back in 1946, when the team was originally known as the Tri-City Blackhawks. See the different Atlanta Hawks logo designs that they have had over the years.

Team Info

Founded: 1946
Conference: Eastern
Division: Southeast
Team Colors: Red, Green, Gray and White

atlanta hawks colors

League Titles

Championships: 1
Conference Titles: 4
Division Titles: 5
Retired Numbers: 4
Arena: Philips Arena

atlanta hawks sports cap

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